Concerns over Facebook Graph Search

Business marketers worry about Graph search tool of Facebook (powered by Bing), and visibility of their official pages.

Because of lack of information, people request help on Graph search. Not many know whether the Graph search is relevant to their brand, or not.

“Privacy concerns loom over Graph search tool, and people do not want Facebook to show unofficial pages, in search results”, says a marketing representative from Coulson Organisation.

It is time to prepare. Ensure – pages are in the order, named appropriately, the address is correct and the image embodies the brand.

Barclays pays more

What’s new with Barclays, this time? The financial services provider in an effort to reposition had planned to axe about 3,700 jobs.

This time the word is about pay and packages of employees. Barclays prepares to reveal details out, as how the bank pays more to the employees, than other. Continue reading

The publishing unit of News Corp does not SPIN money!

The publishing arm of News Corp is no longer a money-spinner.

An unnamed business analyst from the research and advisory firm Saibus Research said the publishing division of News Corp outlived usefulness as a cash-cow, and no longer a moneymaker. Continue reading

Facebook is after Atlas for Internet advertising solutions…

Facebook prepares to give a tough time to Google, in the online advertising space…

The word is that the social networking service provider is under talks with Microsoft Corporation to acquire Atlas Solutions.

If everything goes well, Facebook may have something to pitch against Google’s DoubleClick, in the online advertising sector.

So, let us wait to see if the Federal Trade Commission agrees to this…!

Besides, wonder – how many social networking sites, we have today! Perhaps need to check this with Steven from Web Technologies Inc. He knows a lot about latest trends in technology.

Singapore labour force…

The employment rate in Singapore seems to be doing well…

Be it older citizens or women, everyone comes forward to join the labour force, to meet the requirements of the Singapore labour market.

In 2011, the Singapore labour force participation rate was about 66.1%, which showed a dramatic change this year with a growth rate, at 66.6%.

One can find older employees more in the workforce, this year, compared to the figures of last year.

Besides, with business enterprise like Redwoods Advance around, the market is no longer short of full or part-time marketing jobs in Singapore.

So, good news indeed, for many!

Social media marketing in the service sector

The service sector as we all know is mercurial. The advent of social media has only added to the dynamic nature of the sector that thrives on feedback based on experience. Reviews online and word of mouth buzz created via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on make a huge difference in brand value.

Tackling of concerns and complaints of customers is key to brand value and this is why networking is important. Most service sector companies like hotels rely heavily on actual customers’ feedback. In the age of sites like TripAdvisor things like a bad rating can eat into the average rating of customers.

The service sector has realised the importance of social media, companies like Alpybus, which ferries people from Geneva airport to Chamonix valley and other skiing resorts, interact with people via their Facebook and Twitter pages. The size of your company is immaterial when it comes to brand value factor via customers comments in social media. The impact is considerable whether its favourable or not.


What’s new in the Direct marketing sector?

News: “By 2014, there will be more tablet devices than desktop PCs so knowing how to reach out to a B2B and B2C audience on these devices is vital for business success.” (Courtesy:

Well, the UK Direct Marketing Association site is active, with a lot of news and information for everyone. Continue reading